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Throughout the continuous work of our team to reconnect architecture with nature, we proposed to make Canal of St. Anthony the first project with an ecologically built road and path in the Balkan region.

Despite the starting skepticism throughout partners and client, what started off as an experiment, turned out to be a major point of interest for locals, tourists, architects and engineers throughout our region. Our research has led us to an organic soil binder, which in a ratio of 0,6% to a ton of crushed stone material creates a flat, even and stable surface usable by either pedestrians or fire trucks. The solution is self-repairing as the organic matter works in connection with rain and sun, thus minimizing every need for maintenance while establishing a water permeable ecological and recyclable alternative to both asphalt and concrete. We created an element which is LEED certifiable and in use with the US Green Building Council. The now created space represents the meaning of green thinking, while exceeding our partners’ and client’s expectations.

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