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Sometimes landscapes are not just plants, sometimes sustainability is not just building green and sometimes a developer is not just an investor. Sometimes, although rarely, you get to do something really special, something no one has ever done before in your area.

Sometimes people think, but also feel what “us” is, what “nature” is. In Kumbor, Montenegro, a large-scale development is underway - Portonovi and what used to be a military base is to become a luxury haven with apartments, villas, yacht berth’s and Europe’s first One&Only Hotel - but in this regional instance without the sacrifice of decades old trees, reminiscent of what used to be and is no more. It must have been strange from the viewpoint of these trees, standing for over 5 decades in the same spot, to be transplanted to a temporary nursery on site - 66 trees, up to 24 meters high and 30 tons in weight became what is now known as the region’s first tree transplantation. What a glorious experience it was to save whatever can be saved and what a wondrous experience it will be for the same trees to be returned once the project is finished.

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