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When we have a vision of ourselves, we take a path to learn and understand what is ahead of us, we develop our depth of perception and evolve. What it takes is trust in oneself. It is then that we perceive how every detail matters.

With the next step, to learn it is not only the detail, but everything around it; people, culture, art…The culmination of this awareness took place in a little town developed by the Austrian Empire in the second part of the 19th century by building a maritime arsenal, later used as a military base, then turned into what is now called Monaco of the southern Adriatic. Working as a contractor and consultant in a multinational development with the former President of Britain’s Royal Horticulture Society Martin Lane Fox additionally expanded my understanding of the cultural significance landscaping has in every project. Until my next step, what resulted here stands as a benchmark for landscaping in our South Eastern Europe region, connecting to people from all around the world...

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