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It is with great joy that today we can announce the advancing development of the partnership between Horting Sisak Landscape Architecture, Croatia and Stabilizer2000, Switzerland in the sphere of Photo Luminescent-Organic roads and paths.

The partnership started around 2010 and was special in terms of efficiency in material use and function, in a way that allowed the creation of pedestrian paths, roads and fire truck access by combining 99,4% local crushed or recycled material with an organic binder (remaining 0,06%) to create a flat and compact, yet water permeable surface with a natural look - as opposed to concrete, asphalt or other chemical based solutions while keeping minimum requirements for maintenance. Our first successful project in Croatia was the St. Anthony Canal, which also received a prize for the best Architectural realization in Tourism for 2015 in Croatia. This path, today used by both locals and tourists, stands for our vision to have design in harmony with nature and culture - to minimize any impact we might have on the context we work in and create a way for people to experience a reflection of the rich extrospective which is neglected in so many projects or completely torn out. It seems as if light and light design today is self-sufficient. As if turning nature into industry, desert into oasis, man into machines wasn't enough, now we are turning Night into Day, losing the final frontier out of sight. Today we have made another one from our endless steps towards that experience and preservation of nature and this one is concerning light. We imagine a future in which all our senses are at once together again and the meaning of time itself becomes meaningless. Where wonder and awe are as natural to oneself as is a sip of water. Our work now, although in early stages, connects naturally to our organic path solution and will allow the installation and maintenance without toxins, chemicals, masks or safety gear. It will be as safe for us as it will be for nature. We use a Photo luminescent material which absorbs sunlight even in strong shade conditions and reflects it throughout the night. For now, we envision the use of this combination in National Parks or other protected landscapes with requirements for safe pedestrian communication, as the urban light pollution makes it hard for the material to shine visibly to the human eye. We hope that in the future our Cityscapes will also be areas in which Photo luminescent materials are used, but not because we advanced our light technology into yet to be thought of ways, but because we learned to live with only the amount of light (and energy) we really need. Once we see the stars from our cities, future has arrived.

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