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That moment when you get inquired for a scope you've never done before is all about bridging the gap between now, then and the vast possibilities of failure. In the case of our first ever Golf Course project, this was not only difficult in terms of the developer's deadlines and benchmarks, but also politically since this would later become Croatia's first building permitted golf course.

In the process we pioneered in several fields regarding our companies experience, from work with internationally renowned companies like Graham Cooke & Associates - Golf Course Architects (Quebec, Canada) and SE Group for Landscape Architecture (Burlington, VT, United States), to the implementation of their ideas and concepts into efficient actions between making the most of locally found vegetation, permitting requirements, final construction details and procedures. In this process and by offering new solutions to oncoming problems, our team managed to successfully end the chapter Marlera, while becoming the developer's (Globe Trade Center) preferred Landscape Architectural office and service provider on several other projects since then and a strategic partner of SE Group for our region.

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