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My personal development of skills in golf residence design were enriched by the collaboration with world experienced Harvard Master Degree Landscape Architect Mark Hamelin from SE Group on Croatia’s first permitted Golf Course, designed by Graham Cooke, later developed into a 7 Star Golf Course development designed by Greg Norman and architects such as Zaha Hadid, Stefan Antoni, Peter Marino, WATG and others.

Our aim to translate the natural local landscape, recognized by not only the citizens and visitors of Dubrovnik, but also by fauna such as birds, butterflies, bees..., what  from up above was the sea and islands, into oceans of grasses waving in the wind and splashing across the remained mountain monuments of Srd. The principle of my vision metamorphosed into a unique chapter of experiencing through feeling, not seeing, understanding, not assuming. Feeling the harmony of transformed elements is what established an expanded perspective on what truly is unique and inspiring...nature.

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