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What at first seemed like a triumph of concrete and asphalt over nature, has, ironically not through reconnection with nature, but through practicality, led to the development of green roofs as new biotopes for life and living.

With understanding how architecture and environment create opportunities for nature to exist up in the clouds, since my early days, green roofs have been a part of my technical knowledge in creating a symbiosis between architecture and landscape architecture. A close interaction is key to creating spaces which transcend the physical disconnection with nature. When all elements combine, an extension of nature emerges. While the inside-out view exposes a panorama scene of the river and its mountainous background, the actual garden remains hidden behind grasses, giving only an idea of what yet has to be discovered. Out of the apartment, it is an act of curiosity calling to explore the unknown. In the morning, we enjoy our coffee lightly shaded from the sun. In the evening, we relax with our friends or family, warmed by the fire pits, taking over the setting sun.

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